Simo is a tomcat from Orimattila, who likes food so much that he's prepared to break into cabinets in search of snacks. One of his favourite past times is having a good old rummage in the bin.

He likes hanging out with people and is virtually always the first to curiously come see what's happening.


Pilli was found in a bin with his brother Pulla in August 2019 in Malaga, Spain. A Finnish family took care of the brothers and Pilli moved to Lahti in January 2020.

Pilli is clever and quick; especially when it comes to food, this orange boy is ready for anything. Strings are the best toys ever created and staring into the floor drain will never get old for this little Spaniard. Also endless sources of amusement is offered by The Simpsons and nature documentaries, which often get a gentle narrative meowing accompaniment.


After moving to Finland from Mijas, Spain four years ago with his brother, PaQ, Varjo has gotten wonderfully accustomed to his new surroundings and playmates at Cattila. Varjo is super curious and he has pretty much checked every single nook and cranny alongside his favourite spot on an armchair.

This black buddy is a gentle head-butter, who loves scratches behind his ears and takes (clawless) swipes at passers-by in hopes of treats.

In Japan, they believe that a black cat is lucky!


Massi is a 12-year-old cool tomboy. Treats, food, pets, and sleeping are Massi's favourite things in the world. Every now and again, you can spot him making the rounds at Cattila with the air of someone, who owns the place. Other times, he might just decide to hop on a lap without so much as a meow, proceeding to make enough biscuits for everyone.

It is recommended that customers keep an eye on their food when Massi is around :)


Paq is the 5.5-year-old brother of Varjo, also from Mijas, Spain. Paq is a cool and playful catbuddy, who prefers to take his naps with Varjo, commandeering an unsuspecting armchair for the purpose. He is known to steal a customer's spot if they're foolish enough to get up. After all, napping on a pre-heated chair is a luxury not afforded to many of us.

Paq has been learning to give paw in exchange for treats alongside his brethren at Cattila.

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