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Cattila is the first cat cafe in Lahti!

Come enjoy the company of cats in a relaxed and homely environment.

The cafe is conveniently close to the Lahti Transport Centre, at Rautatienkatu 3,
so you can easily travel to us from even a bit farther off.


Cattila SULJETTU keskiviikkona 27.9. sairastapauksen vuoksi!
Pahoittelemme tilannetta ja olemme auki jälleen torstaina 28.9. klo 12 alkaen.

Cattila is closed at wednesday 27th of september.
We are open again at thursday 28th of september 12 am.

We charge all customers a 3 € charge, 
which is used to maintain the well-being of our cats.

For security reasons, the age limit to the café is 4yrs.
(This also applies to infants under a year old.)

4-10-year-olds are welcome with adult supervision.!

Cafe Rules:

– Don't pick cats up
– Leave a sleeping or resting cat alone
– Don't feed the cats without consulting the staff first
– Be calm and quiet around the cats
– No flash photography
– Don't leave your bag on the floor
– Supervise children around the cats

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